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Special Chicken Fry


Chicken - 500gms (4 pcs of chicken legs)

Onion - 2 large

Garlic - 8 cloves

Ginger - 1"

Green chillies - 2 pc

Capsicum - 1 medium

Jeera (cumin seeds) - 1/2 tsp

Turmeric - 1/2 tsp

Salt – taste


1.Wash the chicken legs thoroughly and make 2 – 3 slits in each of them with kitchen knife. Fill up a sauce pan with enough water and put the chicken legs on high flame for boiling. Add 1.5 tsp of salt and 4 cloves of garlic in the water.

2. While the chicken is getting boiled, cut the onions and capsicum in ½’’ size juliennes. Cut the ginger, chillies & balance garlic cloves in thin strips.

After around 10 – 12 minutes of boiling, get the chicken off the fire, drain the water and pat them dry with tissue paper.

3. Heat oil in a frying pan and put the chicken legs on hot oil. Fry them by turning them occasionally until the color become golden brown. Bring the fried chicken on a plate.

Add cumin seeds to the hot oil. Then add ginger, chillies and garlic to that. After about 30 seconds, add juliennes of onion & capsicum.

4. When the onion and capsicum are softer, add turmeric and salt to that and keep on stirring.

After another 2 minutes, add the fried chicken legs and wrap them with the fried onion and capsicum. Stir fry for another 2 minutes and switch off the flame.

Serve with hot rice & dal or hakka noodles.




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